Fix those Drab Agency Walls

Sick of the way your Cannes Award-winning work hangs from your agency walls? Yeah you are! You know there is something missing and right here, right now, you’re about to find agency wall Zen.

Introducing the Handvas. “That sounds like a mix between the word ‘hand’ and ‘canvas’ doesn’t it?” mutters your new digital intern.

Well yes it does! Handvas are 3D-printed (anything 3D printed is cool) white hands that stick to your wall and hold up your artwork. And they look so cool they are ice cold.

Head over to to find out more. Fix dem walls up!

About the Author:

James Towers is a Founding Partner of 16K Agency, a Stockholm-based media agency focusing on introducing a smartphone-based Augmented Reality platform for the media and retail industries in the Nordic region.