The kitten

It was a bright sunny afternoon…….

People in suits walked around the avenues in brisk strides. Some tourists went ambling along, snapping pictures. Cars stopped, scooped up passengers, and zoomed out of sight. Business ran slick and smooth inside the shops.

The light outside however failed to penetrate the shop’s interiors. And that was only fair, as the Plexiglas doors were heavily tinted black. Air-conditioners discreetly chilled the walls, while a sweet rose essence hung in the air. A tiny golden idol of Laxmi, cross-legged over a golden lotus, sat solemn on an 18th Century rosewood table on the right. Next to laxmi, Ganesha’s idol, in a benevolent gesture, blessed all the customers. Nourishment was presented daily to the deity — silver bowls full of buttery orange laddoos and squares of saffron streaked gram flour sweets. In turn, the digital third eye on Ganesha’s forehead tracked movements 24/7. The walls had eyes and ears too, and relayed data on the tiny television screens, thus transmitting the unseen into the seen.

A little girl sighed. She had orders to sit in silence, while her mother was examining long oblong rectangles of boxes, their covers flying backward on being unlatched, with a tiny pair of glasses. Necklaces, rings and earrings of diamonds nested over red and purple velvet beds of the boxes.

After a while the girl began to fidget. “Mom, I am hungry. Can we please get out soon?” “Just give me a few minutes, child….here’s the part payment….yes, I trust your name above others….do intimate me when the jewelry set is ready…..alright honey, let’s go.” Tucking in a business card, the lady picked up her Louise Vuitton bag and her daughter, and walked out of the shop.

I sat on a dark green mat outside a cafe. The baristas were good to me, occasionally feeding me tiny pieces of salmon and tuna. As regards coffee, I had a low opinion of it. What delight do humans get from this yucky brown drink, unless spoons of sugar are plunged into the bottoms of cups? What harm was in restraining themselves to simple milk? Anyway, humans are a mystery. Some of them pet and whisper soft words and others attempt to squish their feet on me. Do I look like a tomato? Sigh….I wish I had a family….and a nice warm bed. That big bad crow was so mean, taunting me of being a waste of space. He flew off before I could dig my claws at his throat….he does not know, but I have maintained a score of my hits and misses. One of these days, I will silence …oh, that’s a fine chocolate ice-cream….at the hands of a cute fairy….maybe she will let me have a drop or two….whats the harm in asking….let me see…..

“ Mom , there’s a kitten!” “ Shoo it away, it could be infected with germs…” “ Mom, I cant do that. It looks so hungry….hey, it looks at my ice-scream … here kitty, take some cookies…..poor thing, its got so pretty emerald eyes….mom can I keep it?” “Don’t be foolish! It’s a stray. God knows how many diseases have been spread by cats alone. What if it bites your hand — hey, leave that kitten alone, do u hear me?” “ But mom, it’s a homeless kitten…if it was sick, it would not be sitting here…I want it so bad” And the girl burst into tears.

The meeting of the girl and the kitten was fated. All the planets and stars had arranged themselves in space for this heavenly moment. So let’s cut a long story short and wish happiness upon a white kitten with a pink nose, grey patched on the back, intelligent with emerald green eyes and its owner.