Working on my first personal application

I’ve been in the web development industry for almost 9 years today and I’ve worked for others every day since day 1.

Many times I said I will build my own app and do my own startup and too many times I’ve delayed and canceled my plans.

But not anymore. Today I’m feeling confident on how my application is shaping up.

Short story on it, I’ve had for a long time an idea to build an application that allows managing websites in a slightly different way most of the hosting providers are offering.

Behind the scenes it’s using Docker, cloud hosting providers with Rest API’s for managing VPS instances, this being on the users personal account, and the application is not enforcing to store any data out of the users resources.

The user should be greeted by a very simple interface, asking him what website would like to create, ask for a cloud provider and help him get the api key required for provisioning and just enjoy his first website been ready within seconds.

After the first interaction, a list with the website and initial docker cluster should be available for inspection and further changes.

The application should allow to save it’s data and credentials on some preferred personal online drive and allow the user to import it if opening another browser, possible on another computer.

First CMS will be WordPress, first cloud supported Digital Ocean and first data and credentials storage as a file export (still analysing the possibility of an online storage drive).

This will be version 1.0.0, soon available for testing to anybody interested, estimated launching around February 2019.

Anybody interested, just follow me and wait for news and stories as I progress.