Music or Sports

Music vs. Sports

Budgets are always a problem for schools no matter how wealthy the school is. Of course the non academic programs, like music, sports, or clubs, are the first to experience the negative impact of budget cuts.

A long lasting issue has been whether to cut funding for music, or funding for sports. The ultimate question schools ask is: Do we value music or sports?

It’s expected that a majority of people in a school with support the funding for sports compared to music because sports have their own outstanding benefits, whether it be for health or for college. However, people fail to realize that music has many long term benefits, and it is honestly unfortunate that despite all the articles such as this one that people do not value music as much as sports.

Music and sports share a certain amount of benefits. For example, both teach students the importance of teamwork in order to produce satisfactory results. Both music and sports also exemplify the benefits of repetition. They are able to show that in order to be fluid/good at something, you need to practice the skill multiple times, even one-hundred times, in order to be comfortable and confident. Surprisingly, they also have similar amounts of student participation, which goes to show that interest is equal despite the lack of funding in music. Although they share many similarities there are many differences in music and sports.

Unlike sports, the arts, is required in many schools in order to graduate and is part of the school curriculum. Not only that, but there are music electives that that students can take part in both during school and after school to count for extracurriculars. Sports only occur as extracurriculars, which prevents students from participating in things they really enjoy, during the school day.

According to the article Fine Arts vs. Sports: The Battle of the Budgets, “The fine arts have been proven to strengthen a student’s math, reading, critical thinking, and verbal skills,” which further exemplifies the benefits of music and why music and fine art programs need more funding. Another difference is uniforms. Music departments do not get new uniforms every year, they alter them for every new student that joins. Sports get so much funding that students are able to replace jerseys or pass them down to underclassmen. Programs like theatre even ask parents to make costumes because they lack the funding. If only the fine arts programs got more funding, parents wouldn’t have to pay even more money for their students to participate in musicals when athletes get to participate for little to no extra cost.

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