Is Baseball Boring?

If you think that baseball is boring you either never played it as a kid or you are a huge soccer fan. I challenge you to watch this video and try not to feel the chills of these thrilling baseball moments from the past.

According to CBS, there is only 18 minutes of action, but those 18 minutes are amazing and gets the crowd into the game. It really just comes down to the fact that if you love baseball you understand it. A true baseball fan will look at every pitch and understand it, and when it's 0–2 and the batter has swung at 2 straight fastballs he knows the offspeed it coming, whereas someone who doesn't understand baseball will complain about the batter striking out and how boring baseball is becuase he didn't get a hit.

It also goes beyond the actual game, who doesn't love a hotdog and an ice cold drink on a nice sunny day with your friends and family. I have some great memories of my dad and I going to Cubs games and relaxing as we watched our favorite team.

A perfect game or a no hitter is one of the most exciting things to watch in baseball. I would argue and say that the whole time the pitcher is pitching it is action because every batter has me at the edge of my seat hoping he won't get a hit. Here is the final out of Mark Buehrle’s 2009 perfect game one of my favorite pitchers

As you can see the entire stadium goes crazy, there are so many different feats in baseball that each make it so unique. Baseball isn't boring it's just slower than sports we love watching.

Another thing about baseball is the game is never over no matter how many runs you are down. Some of the most thrilling baseball are late inning rallies. In 2000 the Cleveland Indians came back from a 12 run deficit, it was one of the greatest regular season finishes in baseball.

Just listen to the fans and the announcers, do they sound bored? I understand that a baseball game can finish 1–0 with a few hits, but every sport (including soccer) can have those boring low scoring games. After just watching a few clips I find it hard to believe that baseball is in fact boring.

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