Trophy Hunting in Africa vs. Hunting in the United States

At first glance, African trophy hunting and the more traditional form of hunting in the U.S. seem to be almost entirely different concepts, but in fact, are actually fairly similar. While they are located on different continents, hunt for different animals, and are taken place on different terrains, they are alike in many ways, but the biggest difference is really location. Both are carried out as standard hunting expeditions, you need to plan when, what, where, how, and why you want to hunt. For both cases, a distinct plan and time frame is needed for the hunt to be carried out. More importantly, a specific animal to hunt must be chosen; this determines where the hunt will take place, preferably in the chosen animals natural habitat. There are a few small differences between these variables. In Africa, trophy animals are the desired target, ranging anywhere from giraffes, lions, and even elephants. Hunting these trophy animals will also cost a pretty penny, as there is a specific price to hunt each animal. In the states, hunting can be done independently by experienced hunters, but the animals hunted are limited to the native wildlife; ranging from elk, deer, sheep, wolf, moose, and even bear. The only thing needed to hunt these animals is a hunting license, with no other direct fees. In both cases, the animals being hunted are the native species living in their natural habitats, showing again that the biggest difference is really location. Both hunts need preparation, a solid thought out plan accounting for anything problems that may arise during the trip. Additionally, the hunters you will incounter will be of varying experience levels; some hunters will do their own thing, some might need help from a guide, and a few will be teaching/helping others while on the hunt. All of these hunters will have different necessities on them for the hunt, another thing to plan for. What is packed for the hunting trip is of great importance, as hunting situations can get unpredictable at times. While trophy hunting in Africa and hunting more traditionally in the United States have their differences, they are more alike than not.