College Athletes vs Pro Athletes

Zeayen Parikh
May 3, 2017 · 2 min read

College Athletes are not to different from professional athletes. The speed of the game is the same, and college athletes play harder for their school pride. This article shows why college sports are better than professional sports. An in season college athlete schedule is morning lift at 6 A.M. before school, class from 7–3 P.M., Practice from 4–7 P.M., dinner and then they have a tutor help them with there homework till 11 PM, and then they have to start it all over again for 5 days a week. That is a tiring schedule in my opinion, that is not enough time to get a healthy amount of sleep that doctors say you should get. Plus college sport tournaments such as march madness, frozen four, the bowl games, make as much as pro sports do during the season.

Plus college sports are more competitive such as college rivalries are a good example of this, where you can find such rivalries as Michigan vs. Michigan State University, Texas vs. Texas A&M, Army vs. Navy or Florida vs. Georgia when’s the last time you saw a rivalry in pro sports? In pro sports, how big are the Rangers vs. Astros rivalry? Perhaps Red Sox vs. Yankees when it used to be DiMaggio vs. Williams but that was some 50 years ago. How about the rivalry Pistons vs. The Lakers in the late 80’s that lasted about 4 years? There hasn’t been one like that since. For example NBA is so heavy on all the superstars on one team such as the Cavs and Warriors. Like Lebron has been to finals five straight years, and with college there is an element to surprise, because the championships games include different teams and players every year.

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