Fairness of Society

Society is supposed to be fair for all. As a society, we aim for fairness. We aim for equality. But this is far from the truth. Simple factors such as where you are born, or where you grow up, can largely affect your life.

Most people in life, want to be fair. They want to treat everyone equally and give them the same opportunities. Ideally, laws should be the same for everyone and everyone should have the same opportunities educationally and economically. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

“Providing free, public education, scholarships to colleges, and other opportunities for achievement are fine as far as they go, but there should be no illusion that they can undo all the differences in priorities, attitudes and efforts among different individuals and groups”

It is said that society is supposed to be fair to all. The first question is: “Can society really be equal?”

We have a society based off of laws, rules and regulations. In Sociology class we have been learning about a certain policy in New York City called the Stop and Frisk Policy. The stop and frisk policy said that police have the right to stop and search anyone who looks suspicious and they do not need to have a clear reason. If any illegal item is found, the result is an arrest. There have been many questions regarding this policy and if it is constitutional or not. When researchers began looking into this, they found surprising results. There have been many examples showing clear racism. The group most targeted is African Americans. Looking at the data from 2002–2016, African Americans are the group most stopped each year. From this data 85–90% of people stopped, are found to be innocent.

Does this make our society equal? In my opinion, saying “Our society is fair” is a fallacy. This is a mistaken believe. It is important to consider all aspects of society and all different groups, before arguing that society is fair.

Everyone has a different perspective of society. In my opinion, it is a fallacy to claim that society is fair and equal to all. It is very hard for a society to be equal.