Sexism Still Exists

Most people sadly believe that sexism doesn’t exist anymore. That is a complete fallacy. Some people just don’t see how it is still very much alive. In the workplace people believe that just because there is an Equal Pay Act women are still paid equally. However, they are not. The Equal Pay Act, like every other act, has loopholes. So, a business may give every other excuse (minus her gender) to not pay her equally. However, this happens to only women majority of the time. Here are some of the excuses: level of skill, years working, the amount of effort she gives, the working conditions, and how responsible she is. Yes, this can happen to males, but it still mostly happens to women. Now to add to the injustice in the pay about the workplace, even position opportunities are not equal. A recent study showed how people being lobbied for a promotion only 39% were women. Next, when being denied any promotion, a whopping 32% of those women were too bossy, aggressive, and/or intimidating. This would be fair, however, the percentage of men that this happens to vs. women proves that there is still underlying sexism in the workplace.

Sadly in every topic you could bring up there still is sexism that some people may not even think about let alone recognize as an issue. Another example being sports. 0.4% (not even half of a full percent) of all commercial investments is into women sports and 7% of all sports coverage is of a woman sport. There is barely coverage of only the female sports since many people don’t like watching female sports compared to men since they’re so different. Some reports have found since there isn’t female football (that isn’t mocked by having them run around in underwear), nor female sports with the same rules. Women lacrosse, for example, does not have helmets since they don’t believe women sports should have contact. A lacrosse ball is made of concrete with cement in the middle and no one has the bright idea to give them a helmet. Not only do female sports have different rules so they’re more “feminine” and “safe for women” they are then paid less for playing with the rules given to them. These are only two topics of every day sexism that some people believe does not exist.

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