Climate Change Is Not A Hoax

Despite Donald Trump’s questionable tweet claiming climate change as a Chinese hoax, the rapid destruction of the world’s natural resources and environment is no longer a joke.

The year is 2017, yet there are still people who doubts the existence of a climate change. I’m left in shock when I hear statistics such as only over a third of Americans care a great deal about climate change. It’s even more surprising that among them, 72 percent are democrats and 24 percent are republicans! Regardless of which political party you identify yourself with, climate change is a matter that should not be avoided. It should be alarming to members of both parties that 2016 was the third year in a row where record global temperatures were set. Although many accomplishments were made in 2016, such as countless cost reducing clean energy sources in the U.S and around the world, the earth’s oceans continue to get warmer. This has many adverse effects on our environment.

Climate-change induced weather events should be an alarming concern to both Republicans and Democrats. A warming world increases evaporation, thus, drying out areas and making droughts significantly worse. We have seen such effects within the American soil. California has been experiencing a continued terrible drought. Also equally alarming is the increased flooding as a result of heavy rainfalls due to the warming air. States such as Maryland, West Virginia, etc are experiencing such disastrous floods.

As a nation, we should be wary of our environment’s current state. Despite our political party affiliations, we should not be doubting the relevance of climate change in this day and era. Human activity is the lead contributor towards climate change, and as humans we should take appropriate measures in order to protect the health of our environment. Although President Trump has surrounded himself with moguls of the fossil fuel industry, both the national media and the American people should voice their concerns for better measures regarding climate change. As a 17 year old individual, climate change might not have the most immediate effect on me. But years ahead, it is frightening to imagine what might be the state of the environment where my kids and grand kids have to live in.