Is Quality or Quantity more important when it comes to gaining a social media following.

I think that as the picture shows there is clearly a healthy balance of the two that will create the most optimal outcome of social media followers, as well if you had a large quantity and all quality then that would be idea but we pretty much all know that unless you are a large corporation who is paying someone large amounts of money and has a large team of people operating on the account than both quality and quantity are not an option.

Quality: Many people would say that the quality of your content is going to be the most important aspect of gaining a following and good reputation on social media. This is because if you post bad things/things of poor quality then people will not have any interest or want to see what you are doing. Even if you post extremely consistently then people will still not care about what you are publishing because it will be lacking in quality. According to an article on business dictionary they believe that you should place the quality of a product over the quantity of a product because otherwise you will start to develope a poor reputation and be known as having horrible products that people will no longer trust.

Quantity: Quantity can often be argued as being more important than quality especially when it comes to gaining social media followings. I think that one important place to look is your followers, do you want quality followers, or lots of poor quality followers. Often people simply look at the numbers so when it comes to social media I think that there can be a strong argument made that quantity is prioritized over quality. It is obviously harder to have really good quality posts and post often but many people wish to keep their followers engaged, quantity of posts will do this. This will give you more opportunities to be in someone's feed as well as be noticed. However if it is not great content they may not care. According to they conducted a study on whether an increase in student body size or an increase in teachers pay would make the school better, but this just goes to show that in different situations the quantity and quality differ, such as follower type vs. posts.

I personally believe that when it comes to gaining a following on social media, you should prioritize quality, but post consistently, this means have rather good content posts, something that people can interact with/many people can relate to, as well as posting maybe a couple times a week. Once you have made it large and can take social media a bit more seriously, 1–2 posts a day will keep your followers happy, however when you are smaller and aren't “famous” 1–2 posts a day will be quite annoying to your followers.

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