Cellphone vs. Drug Addiction

A lot of us nowadays are addicted to our smartphones but some of us don’t want to admit it. But most of us would agree that comparing a cell phone addiction to a drug addiction is nonsense and that the two are totally unrelated, but there is evidence that the two types of addictions correlate. Most of us think that it’s normal to be on our phone for hours on end because everyone else does it, but in reality you are wasting a lot of precious time you can be doing other things with your life. You may think it’s normal but you know it’s a problem when you lose your self control and check your phone every 5 minutes even though you didn’t hear any notifications. Just as some drug users become so hooked that it puts a strain on their personal, social, and professional lives, the same can happen for true “smartphone addicts”. They can find themselves ignoring work, children, and other responsibilities just to check their Facebook feed one more time, or to play that extra bit of Clash of Clans. Honestly though, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of your personal or professional goals, you probably aren’t really ‘addicted’ to the level that the study reflects on. For the record, the average man is said to use his phone about 8.5 hours a day, with the average woman clocking in around 10 hours. For those who would like a “detox” from their phone habits, there are at least a few apps that can help. While it seems a bit ironic and counterintuitive, a number of apps can be found on the Google Play store designed to keep us away from our phones. Do these apps actually help? Possibly, at least according to a Psychotherapist by the name of Robert Weiss. He says “the best thing to do is first identify what it is you are craving from your phone: games, social media, work”

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