Women Athletes

Can equality between men and women actually exist when it comes to sports? Nowadays, men’s sports are more popular than women’s sports because of the drive of competitiveness men have over women. Women may not squat or bench as much as men but they do have the competitiveness that men have or else there wouldn’t be professional women athletes winning world championships. While looking at the world records held in men’s and women’s track, the times are milliseconds off from each other and in some events women are better than the men. This just shows how women are given the short end of the stick for getting no credit for being almost as athletic as men. The article, A Sporting Difference: On Men’s and Women’s Athletics, makes it clear that women and men at the highest levels receive the same training yet the women do not get the same amount of acknowledgement as men which is where the issue comes in. Although men have the capacity to gain more muscle that shouldn’t degrade women’s strength ability.

On the other hand, comparing the amount of exposure and money part of professional sports is an even greater controversy. The training and accomplishments women teams go through does not even out to the amount they get paid, especially when you compare it to the men’s leagues. For example, NBA and WNBA, the television exposure and advertising for NBA is significantly higher than the WNBA. Why is that? Well viewers see more of the men’s sports so are more likely to put on those games than the short little article about a big WNBA game because of the bigger deal made between the two.

As much as equal pay is a big deal to society, so should the equal appreciation for men’s and women’s sports. It shouldn’t be “big” news when a women’s team reaches a record. The little things could make a difference step by step but equality in sports is a major issue in today’s world.