The Media Spews bias

My Saturday mornings usually kick off with some scrambled eggs and a piece of peanut butter and honey toast. After the breakfast is prepared I spend an hour trying to catch up on the news that happened throughout the week. But I always run into one problem; biased American mainstream media. Almost like an advertisement or propaganda there is this high pitch, panic-like alert like civilization is ending tomorrow.

Is it just me or is it impossible to discern the truth out our completely biased American media? For an hour I’m scrambling between CNN and Fox news trying to balance out the two. For instance, recently Trump made an executive order to put a travel ban on seven different countries in an attempt to stop the flow of terrorism into the United States. On one side I’m hearing how Trumps the next Hitler with these actions, while on the other I’m hearing how police should start shutting down the protests, which is completely opposite our first amendment rights. How do I find the middle ground between the many radical media stations? No new station can take the different perspectives and just explain the issue from a bipartisan point of view.

When I the viewer turn off my television I feel conflicted and confused. I don’t feel like I’ve been informed of the issue, I feel like i’ve been informed from the News Stations point of view which is either radical Republican or completely left thinking. These radical ways of thinking create division between the country. Even looking at GBS, people, sometimes including myself, get so sucked into their own perspective that they are unwilling to listen to another perspective.