My senior thesis. Wow. Where did time go? Okay, well, I have not really thought about any specific ideas. All I know is that I want to write about something creative and not something that everybody will want to write about. I think a lot of political ideas are boring. Right now, I am playing around with writing about how celebrities and athletes feel the need to make a difference because they are a public figure. I feel as though their professions do not require them to take a stand on public issues. Athletes should play their sports and celebrities should just act in movies (or do whatever it is they are famous for). There is this idea that because someone is so well-known, they must be the ones to do something to make a difference and benefit the world. That is not the case. People should become well-known from their acts that help to strengthen the world as a whole. People should not be famous because their dad was a lawyer or their brother is a football player in the NFL. Sadly, in today’s society, it takes getting a song to hit number one on the Top 40 list in order to become an influential figure. I wish that could change and those people who are working hard everyday to make a difference are acknowledged in some way shape or form. I also feel like I can somehow relate this to how celebrities are hypocrites who claim they stand for something but then totally turn around and do what they are protesting. I apologize for this response being all over the place.

Word Count: 273

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