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According to, as of July 2020, there are over 1 million international students in the United States. The US attracts the most number of international students in the world, with Canada coming in second with half the number of international students. There are various reasons for this popularity: financial growth, career opportunities, higher standard of living, etc.

My main reason for coming to the US? Well, initially, the answer was none. I came to the US 10 years ago with my parents, who were to study at a university in the Midwest. 2 months before the trip was when I learned about it. I was not mentally prepared for the big change and definitely not linguistically prepared. …

I recently got a chance to play on my first gaming console — Nintendo Switch — and have been amazed by the gameplay and graphics of every game I played. Growing up I didn’t have access to consoles, so I played mostly online, short games on a desktop. Being able to play games that have a developed story, an open world, or unique character movements inspired me to start learning how to make my own game.

I started by watching Youtube videos of people talking about making their own game for the first time to get some advice and direction. …

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Photos by my lovely mother

When you have been inside for 4 months binging on Mark Wiens and Best Ever Food Review Show, eating self-cooked food, your mind starts to travel back in time and think about all the wonderful meals that you have had on your trips and back at home.

I grew up in a family of food lovers and great home cooks in Can Tho, Vietnam. I remember standing on my tiptoes next to the stove and admiring my grandma’s pot of Canh Chua (sour soup, a staple of Southern Vietnamese cuisine), asking her so many questions about her art.

“How do you remember all of these ingredients?” …

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Learn how to:

  1. Set up Mirror in Unity
  2. Create a chat box which resembles natural messaging capabilities such as infinite scrolling, send message on enter, etc.
  3. Develop a C# script to facilitate server client communication


  1. Basic knowledge of Unity editor and C# scripting
  2. Know at a high level what server client system is


One of my Unity projects utilizes UNet which is a low level multiplayer API which is now deprecated. I needed a good networking solution that supports basic server-client communication and data transport. In search for a replacement, I quickly found Mirror.


Dzung N

Computer Graphics and Food Enthusiast |

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