Critical Eye

After being one whole year in the IA, I was able to notice something. My critical eye has been developing more and more and I have been able to not just analyze and give honest feedback on school related things but also on the outside world.

I think that thanks to the IA of 10th grade I was able to bring back that ability that I always had. Since I was ending elementary something that I was good at was giving harsh feedback to myself. I think that’s a strength I have always had, but the problem was that I was only able to get that talent and apply it to myself, but now I am able to at least give some harsh feedback to others. Also, people always tell me that something that I have been good at is accepting feedback and I think that is thanks to me giving feedback to myself. It’s surprising how something you did in the past can affect you in a positive way now in the future.

I was able to realize this when I was in church. It was funny because not so long ago I have started to really listen to what they are saying but sometimes as hard I try to hear I get distracted by something that the person reading the page is doing or what the priest is doing when explaining the text from the day. It is funny because before doing every presentation for the IA I looked a lot at presentations and now I enjoy watching short but cool presentations since it can help me in the future. Not only watching those videos can help me deliver a presentation better but also critique a presentation better.

It’s amazing how every time I am paying attention to some kind of video, movie, game, presentation I am able to notice things that they could improve on. But something that now I need to do is not only apply my critical eye to those particular things but also apply them on my classmates in the IA.I think I haven’t gotten to this stage to be able and give a lot of feedback to my new classmates since first of all you don’t know the people that make that game/movie/video, emotionally and also as happened in my last IA class we still don’t have the trust we had on the Sophomore 2017 IA class.

Giving and accepting feedback can be tough but it’s something everyone in the world needs so we would be able to see and find out what to improve in. Not only giving feedback to others but also to yourself so you can improve in a lot of things by yourself without any teacher, parent, boss or friend telling you. This would be crucial your future and I know for sure it will be to mine since every step you improve this skill you are one-step of being the better and more independent you.