First Entry in The Road…pgs 3–31

In the novel that I am reading, The Road, the characters are in a post-apocalyptic America where ash is everywhere and there is no life. Everything is burned or disintegrated. During the first pages of reading, I wondered if the characters, nameless, but a boy and a man, were a father and son. They were very well connected and only speak in short verses rather than elaborate dialogue. The man addresses the boy as “the child”, but as a I read further, the man and the boy are, in fact, father and son.

The father and son are traveling across the country, from my sense of direction I think they are going southwest. The man explains that the winters up north will kill them if they stay for another one. This statement from the man explains that the boy and the man have both been in this environment for a long time and have grown accustomed to it. The boy is scared because he does not want to die, but the man states that the only reason why he is living is because the boy is living. The boy hopes and lives on for the promise of the coast, and the father lives only to protect the boy. This relationship is very primal and interesting to me because it seems that they have been out in the wild so long, that they might have reverted to that state. Could the ending of the world create a primal instinct to kick in? I will have to read more and find out. Also…My dad has the movie, but don’t worry Mrs. Dyer, I won’t watch it until I have read the book.

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