Step One on Issues and Ideas

At first, my initial ideas were mostly relating to patriotic themes about America and civic duty. The main one of those two was why America was and is the greatest nation on Earth, in which I thought of discussing the liberties mankind has gained by peaceful democracy, the fact that we had stood against the Soviets, the Germans, and other such tyrannical regimes, and how unique our history has been (such as the fact that we are the only country in history with stopping slavery as one of the main reasons for a war). However, I acknowledge that it would be rather difficult to really get information interviewing people that have lived here their entire lives (this isn’t exactly a community full of first-generation immigrants, so we cannot really ask many people to compare another country to here, unless perhaps we consider military kids). Another such avenue I am toying with is the importance of engaging in civic duty to society and government, as civic duty and giving back to the community is not only a privilege and drudgery but is in reality a very good and necessary thing, and how being involved in the community and engaging in your civic duty is much more than just voting but also doing things such as volunteering at church, or at a soup kitchen: basically, the little things matter as much as the obvious ones. From civic duty and civic involvement, we reap the rewards of a healthier society, a healthier government, and a healthier giver (giving and working actually is good for your mental health and tends to make you a happier person). I know these sorts of topics well: that is why I am so interested in them. However, I acknowledge that might be a sort of problem, as one purpose of this project is to research something less obvious than a political or patriotic issue and discuss something that you are less acquainted with. I will try and see what else I can come up with, and try to be fairly creative. Perhaps something more along the lines of a social issue like how the rise of social media and the internet has actually hurt us due to less involvement with our surroundings (i.e. actually going outside and doing something productive), a lack of social skills (not being able to actually speak in person or hardly ever writing a letter to someone), and how much it controls us. However, nothing is certain and I am trying to keep an open mind.


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