Research Proposal

When I was first told that we would be working on researching an idea for a senior thesis yesterday, no ideas came to mind, with the exception of: oh shoot, I got nothing. I have already got an Eagle Project that I need to do in the next 5 months, and now I have this on top of it. At first, I thought of using my Eagle Project as the senior thesis project, which would be putting in half the input for double the output. Then again, that would not be an appropriate thing to do. It would not only feel as if I cheated my way through a school work assignment, but also as if I cheated the community out of a beneficial project. So I began thinking of alternate Eagle Projects that I had been offered, since I could only pick one and there were several that I was offered. I began thinking of a similar assignment I did last year when it hit me: I could do something with shoreline erosion! After all, I live on Emerald Isle, and this is a pretty hot topic, especially farther south in Surf City. I even came up with a possible project location at Jones Island. At that moment in our groups someone presents their idea: Shoreline erosion. Great. Now I would look like a cheater if I “copied” his idea. [Deleted irrelevant blurb pertaining to person] Whatever, I have other ideas…maybe? Some time later I had thought of another that a friend had done a similar assignment on in the previous year, something about how camping is a good stress reliever or something [deleted second blurb pertaining to different person]. So I decided to expand upon this: Encouraging people, in particularly youth, to lay down their electronics, and encourage them to visit, explore, and enjoy our nature preserves and parks. The youth of America today spend too much time indoors on computers and phones, and not enough time learning about the environment that they live in, about nature’s cycles that keep their air clean and their climate stable, or learning how to live without all the conveniences of a modern home. Additionally, as my friend argued, simply taking one’s eyes off their electronics every now and then and exploring the outdoors is necessary for them to maintain their health, and reducing stress levels. This is why I think that I will choose “Encouraging exchanging electronics for our environment as my senior thesis.

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