Blog entry for thesis paper

I have put much thought into ideas for this senior thesis which explains why I am still awake and typing this blog post. I want to make sure I choose a topic that I am passionate about therefore it will make writing such an extensive paper, less of a struggle. However,one of the main issues I am struggling with is finding something that I am passionate about that I will also be able to incorporate into service hours, interviews and volunteering. I am still very stuck on what to choose. I had one idea and that was to write about “hazing” or the risk of injury or even death due to hazing. This takes place not only in college but high school as well apparently. This is shocking to me and I would be very interested to find out what kind of satisfaction people receive from this cruel behavior and why many on the other end believe it is acceptable. Another idea that I had was to discuss the punishment for bullying and the course of action taken by schools when bullying takes place. This could kind of tie into my first topic but it would be more broad. Also a topic I have thought about is social acceptance to the LGBT community. These are the only ideas that I have come up with so far that I feel strongly towards. I am sure I could write 5–7 pages on any of these, no problem. Now I just have to consider which ones I could incorporate the other aspects of the projects with.

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