Cytoskeleton is what America needs

The green filaments are the cytoskeleton that bring structure and a transport system to the cell.

Are you scared with no where to turn? A clown epidemic is spreading throughout suburbia and Cytoskeleton is the only candidate capable of protecting our vulnerable children from the impending threat. First off, if elected, Cytoskeleton will be able to install a transportation system for school buses or “vesicles” to travel around our cell safely. Children won’t need to worry about being attacked on the way to or from school anymore. In the cells where the Cytoskeleton transportation system is in use, the clown attacks have decreased by 90%. In addition, in this time of distress Cytoskelton will be the only organelle capable of literally supporting the cell/nation. Fear is destroying the infrastructure as organelles are to scared or weak to perform their usual functions. Cytoskelton will be there to help everyone. The intermediate filaments are there to hold you up when its too dagerous in your neighborhood to go on.We need Cytskeleton to strengthen and protect our great cell nation. VOTE TODAY!!!

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