Senior Thesis Ideas

After months of occasional thinking and hours of more intense contemplation, I have yet to choose a senior thesis topic, although I have many ideas, ranging from topical political issues to more niche topics. My first idea was to discuss the intentions of and reactions to Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, as I have noticed that many of those who say “Blue Lives Matter” are the same people who believe that saying “Black Lives Matter” means that other lives do not. Another idea I had was how the representation of LGBTQ+ characters on television and in movies affects public perception of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly focusing on the prevalence of these characters’ deaths as well as stereotypes. I have also considered exploring why a significant amount of young people now prefer reading fanfiction, written by authors, often teenagers, about other fictional works or real people, rather than traditional published novels or e-books, and whether that has to do with the diversity in fanfiction and the fact that it is free. Similarly, I am thinking of writing about why some people are so interested in “shipping” real people who have never expressed any interest in being in a romantic relationship together and whether that is morally okay. Another topic I have thought of is the importance of political events in rock and alternative music and why there seems to have been an increase of politically charged songs in the last year. I am also interested in the topic of what the scope of LGBTQ+ should be, particularly whether or not that should include those who are transgender, asexual, aromantic, and intersex. My final idea is whether the confederate flag represents southern pride or a past of hatred and discrimination.

I am very much interested in all of these ideas, but they all have the same problem in that I do not have a solid idea of what to do for the service hours for any of them. As I continue to think about potential service ideas, that will help me narrow down my list to choose an idea. Another factor to consider is whether I would prefer to write about a more politically charged topic, such as the Black Lives Matter and confederate flag ideas, or a less controversial one, such as the interest in fanfiction or real person “shipping”. I did eliminate a few ideas before even writing this, so hopefully I will eliminate a few more very soon so that I can finally choose a topic.

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