Research Project Topics

I wanted to stay in the realm of science or math as these are my strong suits. I was mainly looking at researching shoreline erosion. I would focus my paper on three sections: issues, identification, and solutions. Also, the contact hours for this topic would be very easy to setup as we are in an area popular for research. If I choose this topic, my contact hours will probably be interviewing Mr. Newton and how he uses his drones for surveying and identifying problems. A secondary, topic could be alternative fuel sources since I am very interested in cars. Although, I don’t know what I could do for contact hours for alternative fuel sources. I’m still open for suggestions on my topic though. I primarily want to stay away from topical ideas being covered by the news and politics. Going back to the shoreline erosion topic, I could also interview Mrs. Moore, although I do not feel like she is very creditable source. The issues section for the shoreline erosion, I could talk about topics like loss of habitat, future impact on Continental landmasses, and some other stuff (I am still thinking). For a worst case scenario, I could write about the affects of social media on modern youth. Also, I think the contact hours could be very easy for this as all I would have to do is interview my peers that use social media frequently. If I can’t doing something with science I feel I will have a difficult time keeping my arguments factual and objective. This is also why I recommended some classmates to explore different topics.

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