Independent Project Reflection:

Ever since I can remember I have had one passion: drawing. Due to this, it wasn’t a surprise when I decided to base my independent project around it. My independent project was learning about art, creating art, and sharing my art. During the summer I took human figure drawing classes at Corriente Alterna and Manga drawing classes at Instituto Peruano Japones. Apart from that, I spent the rest of my free time drawing and sharing my drawings on a site called Deviantart.

One of the main things that I did for my summer independant project was to actually attend to classes. In the human figure class we learned about the figure(head, body, arms, legs, proportions, shading, etc.) by drawing from a naked model. This class was very helpful because I not only got to understand the figure, but I also got lots of feedback from the teacher who is an expert in the field. Apart from the figure classes I also took manga(manga means popular drawing in Japanese) classes, this course was separated into two sections, manga 1 where we looked at everything surrounding the face/head, and manga 2 which looked at everything surrounding the body and a quick overview at perspective. In this course I learned lots of concepts and I also received lots of feedback from the teacher, but the best thing about this is that I got to learn everything again from a different style which gave me a whole new perspective at drawing as a whole. Taking classes was really helpful because I got a lot of constructive feedback which helped me improve on drawing the human body and on drawing in general.

The second part of my project was practicing/creating. For the first month I didn’t have my computer working so all of my artworks/sketches were traditional. After this month I not only had loads of sketches but I also had my computer fixed so I also started working digitally with programs like adobe photoshop. In total I ended up with around twenty polished pieces and loads of decent sketches. During the summer I really tried pushing myself to the limit, and I tried drawing things that I was not so comfortable at drawing like hands and extreme poses. At the end of the project I really felt like my line and drawing abilities in general had improved a lot.

Finally, the last part of my project was sharing my artwork on Deviantart. Deviantart is an online art(drawings, paintings, sculptures, writings, etc) sharing website/community. By sharing my art I received lots of feedback which kept me motivated, and helped me improve my art like the amount of views per artpiece, comments saying that they liked the piece sometimes also giving specific criticism that helped me improve my art, and the amount of favorites given by people per piece. Sometimes sharing artwork felt very overwhelming, due to the immense artistic level in the site. Seeing the level at which some people are also motivates me to improve my skills, helping me become a better artist.

These three things really helped me not only to improve, but also to understand more about myself as a growing artist. By sharing my work I not only understood how small I was in the art community, but it also made me understand that I need to keep improving in order to be successful. Apart from that keeping my pieces in one place has allowed me to compare the difference from before and after the summer which also motivates me to want to keep improving. Now that I have experienced being part of a digital art community I will continue to practice only that now I will start to focus on where I want belong in the art world.

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