Is it art?

Is it really Art?

The other day while reading through Flipboard(an iphone app that showcases articles on things you are interested) I stumbled upon an article that showed five artists that had a late success in their career. Although what intriged me about this article was not the article itself but an image of a painting one artist did(name wich I cannot recall), this painting was no more than two giant blue or purple(im colorblind) symetrical squares on a white canvas. As a student and an art entusiast I am nobody to judge such a peice although it did made me question wether something of that nature should be considered a work of art or even a masterpeice.

As I thought of this dilema I tried to focus on what were the visual arts for me, and I thought that for something to be considered an art peice in the visual area it had to fullfill the pourpouse that the artist gave it, meaning that if somebody saw the peice they would feel something meant by the artist, with some room for interpretation. After thinking about this peice I thought of the many similar peices made to this day that consist of squares on a canvas and I concluded that this type of artwork did not fullfil the pourpose art was invented for.

I am again, just a student so it is up to you if you whant to give credibility to my words or not. To further understand what art is we need to see its pourpouse throught history starting with the renacance and before, were art was either used to mirror the world(like a photograph) or to showcase a religous event or figure. This mindset for art however changed as the photograph was invented and improved, in fact it is my belif that the mindset was compleatly switched to the point were movments like the photorealism movments were totally criticised. However, now a day due to movments such as the dadaisim movement(were artists such as Marchel Duchamp created works like “The fountain”) we can say that almost anything is acepted as art wich is in my opinion as an “ignorant” student decreasing the value of what is a good art piece is.

Dont get me wrong I do belive that “The Fountain” is a great artpeice but that is only because the artist was trying to impact you and who wouldent feel impacted by an urinary displayed in an art gallery, however I still think that a square in a canvas is so cliche and non-emotional that it would rather be a literary peice than an artwork due to the need for somebody to read the artists statment or meaning for the peice to be something.

After reading what I have said you probably think that I am an ignorant and that I hate abstract artworks, but in reallity I think that abstract art is the hardest kind because for it to be good acording to my definition of art it has to fullfil a pourpose or a meaning given by an artist were realistic artwork requires good skill but no manipulation for it to mean something. The artwork I saw impacted me because it was lazy meaningless and non-original, yet it probably costs lots of money wich is ironic and non artistic unlike other abstract artworks.

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