Why Drawing Stickers is so Important for Me:

Last tuesday in the IA(Innovation Academy) I pitched my sticker business. After the pitch lots of people seemed interested in my idea, the idea of doing stickers was something different, something freakish, something that was not food. So when the time came to sign up for a business on friday I was pretty sure that my business would explode with people wanting to join, but that wasn’t the case. When the time came I was approached by one person, and it felt like rock bottom. Im still not sure why I felt this way, maybe it was because I had worked so hard on it, or maybe because this meant that deep inside people did not trust my artistic abilities.

I have always wanted to pursue a career in the arts, and like any other person leaning towards this career choice there is always a certain doubt. After all, we live in a world filled with “talented” people. For me StickEm(my sticker business) represents the first real chance to prove to the world that I am capable enough as an artist to produce likable design; so when only one person joined I felt like my whole chance started to collapse. Apart from this, I was determined to start selling in two weeks adding to the amount of work and pressure to be dealt with. Now, instead of dividing the work between four I would have to divide the work between two group members including myself. Now, the question begins, can we handle the StickEm business with only two members?

It’s going to be hard, but I never thought of pursuing this idea because it was easy; After all, if I wanted to go the easy road I would have chosen a food related project. I was not mad at people for not joining me, I was just disappointed at myself for not being persuasive enough. Well, that was that, and honestly I just have to move on. It doesn’t matter how many people are there to support me, a chance is a chance, and I will still do my best to show that I can create drawings that are good enough. On saturday, I found a cheaper place to print my stickers and I ordered 75 stickers to be made to test the quality; Apart from this, I already have a possible logo and cover drawing for the StickEm social media. The road towards success might still seem far away, but at least I know that i’m closing up on it.

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