Thesis Idea

I’m pretty sold on the Trump idea. I think that there are a lot of interesting places that I could take it. I would have to look at data involving Trump’s supporters, and what created the opportunity for someone like Trump to get as far as he has. It would also be really interesting because by the time this project is over, we will know if he has won or lost the presidential election. Which allows for a discussion as to why he did or didn’t win. There is also an interesting exploration available in the rhetoric that Trump uses, and how that may sell his image to the his target audience. I think it would be possible to take it global as well, discussing if this shift in the political landscape from traditional politicians, to someone who has previously not been a politician and tends to be very anti-establishment is a trend that will continue. The announcements of celebrities who claim they are running for president has become a more common thing (i.e. Kanye West) and will politics shift from policy to complete popularity. My contact hours could include visiting Trump rallies or any other republican gatherings. Interviews would involve interviewing supporter’s of Trump and those who are vehemently against him. I’ve already had a couple people say they know people who have been to Trump rallies to protest. So it would be easy to discuss why he appeals to some people, what issues he stands for do they find the easiest to connect with. i could then discuss with the opposing group, not only why they are against Trump, but what their experience was as a protester at a Trump rally. Either way I think it could really interesting, and I know it’s not something that I would lose interest in.