Senior Thesis Ideas

As of right now I am not 100% certain on what I would like to do as my senior thesis but I definitely think that there was some good ideas thrown around class yesterday. The idea of the impact stress has on young kids is an interesting topic to me because at times it feels like parents do not understand what kind of pressure and expectations are put on their kids and how that really affects the things that they do and what they value. Kids get nervous that if they score bad on one test or assignment that they might as well have failed the class already. I think that it would be very hard to get contact hours for this idea but that the idea is very good. Another one of the ideas that I liked from yesterday was all the talk about Social Media’s affect on multiple things and really more specifically their thoughts on presidential candidates and police officers. This makes me wonder whether or not the media has taken it to far because they have the freedom to say whatever they want but a naive person will believe any story they are told so is it really fair for the media to tell the public certain things that are not necessarily the truth to get a big story, look at what is happening in Charlotte right now. People in the media might not mean any harm from the things they say and just want a good story but I think that this sways people who do not know much on the subject to believe a lie.