Senior Thesis

I wish I could say that I was able to brainstorm research topics, but unfortunately whenever I come up with one, I hit a dead end once I think of how I will get contact hours. In class I mentioned gender socialization, especially when it comes to children’s’ shows, but am confused on how I would get contact hours. I have come up with two different topics that I can see myself being able to write about and obtaining contact hours: “Is a gap year more influential to a recent high school graduate than going straight to university?” or “Does the aesthetics of a space affect human behavior?” I wrote an argumentative essay on the gap year topic last year, and found it quite interesting what research has found. I have a friend who just returned from a gap year, so I am thinking I can obtain contact hours by interviewing her. I can also talk to the school counselors about their views on a gap year. I am more interested in the second topic though, especially because I am very interested in architecture and interiors. I am family friends with an interior designer that works at Sound Furniture, so I could possibly ask to shadow her for a couple days, seeing whether she takes into consideration the “mood” of a room when designing it and interviewing her and customers. Also, my family currently just moved, so we are trying to make a home out of a house, which I think could contribute to my research in some way. Although I can see myself writing either of these two, I am still more interested and passionate about gender socialization.

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