Maybe One Day, Just Maybe

Let’s talk about love. Not that fake I expect a good morning and goodnight text when I wake up shit but real genuine motherfuckin love. That you call me because you want to shit. That you come see me out of the blue because you want to. You text me because I’m on your mind. Not cause you know I’ll get salty if you don’t. It’s a text, it’s not the end of the world. Your significant other should not feel forced to show you their love, it should shine through and be expressed as pleased because that is what real love is. It’s saying I love you because she or he means it. It’s staying faithful because she or he sees something within you that makes them want to be a better person. It’s not about being similar to other couples or being “goals” it’s about two people being their entire self, honestly and openly. It’s about the will to get back up together because the love is so strong that it can overcome any and all obstacles. True love is an unspoken agreement between two, that will be found and kept because in your heart you know it’s what you need. Love someone because they are what sustains you, completes you. Love someone because you want to love them. And maybe tell your kids about that love one day too. We dance around the topic and I think it sucks because, I think love is a free entity that can be felt by all. If we could just throw out all these hyper intensified expectations of what a modern day relationship should be.

Love is not a game, it’s life. Call me a hopeless romantic but I believe one day we can come across the one and we won’t know it or maybe we will. But regardless we kindle a love with that person overtime. We have the power to find a love that is us, this modern day society is not what stops us from reaching that, it is ourselves. I mean we are the society we always speak so negatively of. So just think if everyone formed their perceptions to be filled with hope, they could be one step closer to finding who they should be with. We all yearn for something real and lasting. To have that we can not force love to meet a due date. It must be wanted openly, meaning it must be desired slowly. We have to be patient in our endeavors and hopeful in our outcome. Only then can we reach a love that throws us into a cosmic synesthesia of love and bliss.

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