Senior Thesis

For my senior thesis I am debating between two different ideas, the first one being how geography effects politics and the second being the effect that the media has on the criminal justice system. Though I may be interested in the first topic more it has a problem when it comes to the five hours of volunteering/interviewing because there isn’t really a way to volunteer for it and the number of people I could interview is very limited and most have far better things to do. Though if I was able to snag an interview with even a few people who have written on this topic I have no doubt I could easily get five hours and plenty of material to use for my senior thesis. So in the next week I will be attempting to get in contact with these people and get interviews so that I can ask my questions and hopefully get quite a bit of material for my essay. The second possible topic is also of interest to me but to a lesser extent, what makes it appealing though is my unique access to people involved with the criminal justice system due to my father’s work. The second topic would no doubt bring great insight into how the media effects the criminal justice system but probably more how the people in the criminal justice system, specifically the government agents, see the media. Both of these topics are extremely interesting but the one which I find most interesting also comes with the biggest problems.