Told in a Cohesive Playlist, What Songs Best Defines the Nature in Which Your Inner Monologue Operates?

(October of 2010, DJ duties riding shotgun — a road trip for the ages | music is best received on the road, faded)

About 2 weeks ago, I had the most depressing long drive home since I could remember. Knowing you tried your very best but still came up short is a shit feeling. Often, we turn to music to make sense of our emotions — so I turned to my iPod for solace. As I was exiting the freeway, I remembered how much I love who I’ve become for me to allow my shortcomings to define me. This feeling of revival sparked an idea to create a playlist that best describes what I’ve been through, who I‘ve become, & how I process the world around me. With much thought, these songs made the most sense: