Being Miranda with Braces/a Deep Sea Creature

There’s a Sex and the City episode where Miranda gets braces for being a “tongue thruster” and has to deal with the horrors of being an adult with braces. She goes on a date with a guy and gets food stuck in her braces — how embarrassing!

I find that Miranda having braces goes deeper than just Miranda having physical braces, it’s an emotional manifestation of being weird, uncomfortable and feeling like a loser. Miranda with braces is like being a deep sea creature, one that is hanging out deep in the ocean and never sees sunlight.

We’ve all felt like Miranda with braces throughout our lives, some of us still feel this way. I’ve felt like Miranda with braces surrounded by people who are more successful than me. This is a constant reminder in my life after getting myself deeply in debt by going to grad school and being stuck in a cycle of stupid jobs. Being laid off from my current job one only cements my Miranda with braces mood. I also feel this way around people whom I feel are better looking. This is stemming from a lifetime of being told that I’m “pretty in my own way”. Which in itself, is so problematic because what does it mean to be “pretty in your own way”? Being pretty according to Western standards of beauty? Ok, thanks!

I don’t want to feel this way, I want to feel like Samantha — all the time. The other night, I was asking my partner if he had ever felt insecure about his body and he said no. I know that he’s not a Miranda with braces/deep sea creature like me, and it wouldn’t be fair to assume that all upwardly mobile, cis, white man are Samantha’s/Dolphins, but it makes me feel envious that he’s been spared from the horrors and social expectations of femininity.

Miranda is successful and smart, but Miranda with braces is undesirable and a loser. In the end of the episode she gets her braces removed because she can’t deal with how people are treating her with braces.

I’m still affected by Western standards of beauty. I’m about to be unemployed, I’m about to be uninsured, I’m about to be Miranda with braces everyday.