How To Not Support R. Kelly

Does anyone remember that R.Kelly married Aaliyah when she was 14? Or that he made a sex tape of him peeing on a 14 year old? Or that he would hang out outside of South Side Chicago High Schools and pick up young black girls? R. Kelly is a predator, some would say he’s a pedophile, but as Aaliyah once said “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number”.

An excellent article recently came up on my Facebook feed Were YOU Wrong About R. Kelly? This isn’t a new article, and is not the first article that has come out detailing R.Kelly’s assault on young girls. Yet, R.Kelly is still busting out those hits and playing at Pitchfork; they play Ignition (Remix) at every bar on a Friday night and everyone’s like “Sippin’ on coke and rum, I’m like so what I’m drunk” and you always hear someone sing it at Karaoke, a total crowd favorite. Why is this asshole not in jail?

The part that pisses me off the most about R.Kelly is that he’s been abusing young black girls for decades. Girls that are too poor to afford a good attorney and have no choice but to be silenced and paid off. Girls that come from a poor background going to shitty inner-city public schools and girls that are never expected to succeed in life because they are simply born marginalized, a victim of society. Have you ever thought what would happen if R.Kelly hung out outside of a rich, white High School in the Chicago suburbs? He’d probably in jail.

This is why, over the past few years, I’ve pulled a Goop and decided to “consciously separate” myself from R. Kelly and his music. This has not been easy for me, I love(d) his music. I even starting listening to Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” featuring Christina Aguilera instead of R.Kelly, that version is not as good! But this is a stand that I have to take because I don’t want to give myself the excuse of separating his art from himself. Don’t artist’s want you to believe that their art is their self-expression anyway?

This is why I’ve come up with a simple guide on how not to support R.Kelly. I’m not going to hold anyone accountable or argue about R.Kelly, but this guy is an asshole and the only way for him not to win anymore is to not support him.

See below:

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