Kanye West Claims Key West; WOW!

To all of Twitter or the people that Googled “Lexapro”, to Chelsea Handler and the gossip celebrity media and specifically, myself; when did we all become professionals at diagnosing mental illness through social media? Last I heard, taking a Psychology class in college and aggressively looking at WebMD and Wikipedia does not make you a psychiatrist. But here we are, untrained and dangerous, diagnosing Kanye West with 120 characters including a series of 12 emojis.

I’ve had this conversation and thought to myself “Kanye West is going crazy”. Consistently throughout the last few weeks, I’ve seen articles pop up about his backstage meltdowns, rants at clubs and how Kim is going to divorce him. But really, it’s not about caring about his mental health, it’s about the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing a celebrity crash. I’m guilty of this, I love the images from Britney Spears in 2007, but I’m trying to hold myself accountable. I won’t continue to indulge in the Kanye West “mania” stories.

Kanye has always been an expert at garnering attention, and all this attention probably made you sign up for Tidal. Even if he’s experiencing mental issues, Kanye is capitalizing on this so hard that he’s probably halfway out of his alleged 53 million dollar debt. On one hand, I like that he’s talking about experiencing depression and our “pop and cure” culture around medication. However, the attention is leaving a salty taste in my mouth; it’s making mental health issues an eroticized commodity and considering the lack of mental health care and awareness in this country, I think that’s a pretty big issue.

I don’t know if he’s going through a mental breakdown, but I know that he’s an egotistical, woman-hating, generally xenophobic, grade-A asshole. Despite his brilliance, I’ve enjoyed his music through cognitive dissonance. All these years, I’ve been working so hard to separate the music I admire and his big, stupid ego; but I’m going to leave The Life of Pablo with my free Tidal account once it expires.