Almost Three Months In and Facing a Pile-Up

As the saying goes (and also part of a John Lennon song), “life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.”

1812Blockhouse has been up and running now for almost three months. Following the theme of the last post here, lessons learned have been piling up in that period of time — some heartening, and others surprising and difficult to grasp, quite frankly.

Over the last few days, things have become somewhat clearer and a road map of sorts has emerged.

At present, I wanted to share that I have decided to re-orient this blog to focus on the journey that led to 1812Blockhouse, the thought process behind the site, and perspectives on local media that bubble up to the surface during the early days of a new kind of media startup. In other words, the “us” of the first two posts is turning to the “I” of this and subsequent posts.

After all, I am in a media market with a Gannett daily and Richland Source, the former being a legacy media player continuing to find its way in the world of 21st century journalism, and the latter an independent local media whiz-kid that may, or may not, represent the future. Throw into that mix a local television station with a newscast.

Believe me, I have stories to tell.

With that, this blog will also be untethered from the 1812Blockhouse mothership/site.

I am a voracious reader of information. My Feedly folder entitled “New Media” currently contains 30 continually updated feeds from sites like Street Fight, Neiman Lab, Social Media Today, and MediaShift; a single day can bring as many as 100–150 stories, and I peruse at least the headlines of all of them. When I find one which illustrates a point or which I find particularly insightful, I may well post it here.

I intend to start this soon with a look at my early days in a fledgling local media startup and see where that takes me. Sounds like an adventure.

Sounds like life.