These are the hand sketches that i made for the starting idea of a Moon doggies logo.
These are some rough drafts for the idea of the final product.
This is the final product the idea is make the logo look like a dog within my ability.

So this was my process of creating a logo for the restaurant Moon Doggies. The objective of this Project was to give a bit of “life” to this local restaurant in my town.

As i made the sketches i wanted the logo to incorporate a dog being the name of the restaurant is moon doggies. At a point i had a regular circle saying “Pj's moon doggies” and that was way to bland for the logo. So i put a dog in the others one on top one inside and 2 inside but nothing really came up till my final sketch came into mind.

This would be my final product though i added some more from the final sketch it came out fairly well. I used colors that are from the sign outside the restaurant and it worked fairly well also. So this was my Pj’s Moon Doggies logo creation process and ideas i hope you enjoyed it.