#LifeAt1871: Hanna and Adam

Did you miss us? We’re back with another installment of Life At 1871. Today we’re bringing you Membership Interns Hanna Skinner and Adam Batton!

Hanna and Adam are supervised by Deena Siegel, Manager of Membership. With over 450 member companies and 1,300 individual members, it takes true planning, precision and care to make sure our members get access to the best resources and opportunities available.

Without further ado, Hanna and Adam:

Hanna Skinner, Membership Intern (Credit: Greg Rothstein/1871)

Hanna, give us a rundown of what you do on a daily basis.
When I walk into 1871, the first thing I do is “ping” my supervisor to let her know that I have arrived. Then I find a work space at one of the tables and get to work on any projects or assignments. Interns get lots of perks though; typically we have a “lunch and learn” each day, where two 1871 members or employees sit down to interview each other. I love the “lunch and learns” because I think they are really insightful and give us great insight on how to be successful and happy at our jobs.

Describe the 1871 culture in three words. 
The first word I would use to describe 1871 is “Work”. Everyone is here to work their hardest; the work ethic going on at 1871 is incredibly admirable. Another word I would use is “diversity”. The 1871 community is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of people, it makes the environment so much more progressive and it is so beneficial for these startups to be surrounded by diversity. The last word I would use to describe 1871 is “fun!!” It really is so fun to work here. Everyone is giving it their all, every single day and on top of that, no one takes themselves too seriously.

Adam Batton, Membership Intern (Credit: Greg Rothstein/1871)

What inspires you the most?
Nature inspires me. Art design, and perspective inspire me. Science and technology inspires me. God and Christ inspire me. Sincere people inspire me. Complexity and simplicity inspire me. This world & beyond inspire me.

What are your plans after this internship?
I intend on traveling to the UK for school then backpacking and exploring Europe. Upon return, I’ll tackle the rest of undergraduate school and find internships of interest in Japan. Hopefully I’ll move to Japan after school. I’d be doing all this while walking in faith with God, accomplishing all my personal pursuits, and launching Peep, my startup focusing on AR/VR. Ultimately, my mission is to be always growing, discovering and learning.

Pictured: Hanna and Adam with Deena.

#LifeAt1871 is nearing its close! Next feature you’ll meet Karina Koller and Aenea Luss. Questions? Get a hold of us at contact@1871.com.