#LifeAt1871: Lilly and Rani

We’re back! For this installment of #LifeAt1871 we’re bringing you Events intern Lilly Schneider and Executive Assistant intern Rani Randell.

1871 hosts over 1,000 events a year and sees over 60,000 people come through the door to participate in them. Lilly works closely with VP of Events Jeanne Reidy, Events Manager Jihan Bibb and Events Associate Alex Morey on learning the ins and outs of a role where no two days (or events) are ever the same.

Rani is receiving a crash course in what it takes to keep the 1871 train running. She works closely with Executive Assistant to the COO, Nicole Schafer, to ensure that this “always on” tech hub is kept on its tracks.

Get to know them below:

Lilly Schneider, Events Intern (Credit: Greg Rothstein/1871)

What have you learned so far from this experience?
In just two weeks, 1871 has made me feel so much more comfortable in a professional environment. I’ve learned a ton about the importance of networking and making connections, and the opportunities that arise from putting yourself out there. From all the events and workshops I’ve been able to attend, I’ve picked up so much advice from successful people who once started in my place as an intern.

Favorite thing about being a #1871er
My favorite thing about being an 1871er is being a part of the community. Everyone at 1871 is positive, high-energy, and hard-working. These are my favorite kinds of people and being surrounded by them 4 days a week really inspires me to get the most out of my time as an intern as I can.

Rani Randell, Executive Assistant Intern (Credit: Greg Rothstein/1871)

Describe the 1871 culture in three words & why?
Energetic: there is never a dull day here, people are always hustling and getting things done. Focused: people don’t have a second to waste at 1871, and so the vibe is generally serious and hard-working but still bustling and friendly. Passionate: Everyone at 1871 really cares about the work that they are doing and it cultivates a great work environment.

Advice for future interns?
Everything I say will inevitably be cheesy, but with that being said: be outgoing! If there is someone who looks familiar, or someone who gave a lecture that you enjoyed, GO INTRODUCE YOURSELF!

That’s a wrap on this installment of #LifeAt1871. Questions? Get a hold of us at contact@1871.com.