President-Elect Donald Trump
Elizabeth Warren

An hour ago I was at the grocery store when they caught a South American woman shoplifting. She had the appearance of a native from Peru, dark skin, dark hair, rough Indian style clothing and she was crying. The piddling amount of low-quality food she had gotten caught stealing was just pathetic. She didn’t seem to speak any english and when they took her away she was still crying. All around me blond haired white women began high-fiving and smirking like they had just won a big reward or prize. I lost all faith in human kindness and experienced first hand how cruel people can be. Then I couldn’t leave fast enough.

So in your future battles with that Jerry Springer TV show troop taking over the white house just remember that it took a lot of cruel people (not just angry) to put them there. Cruel people are everywhere and likely becoming the norm.