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When I was 11 years old, I had learnt that my parents were not my parents.

And unlike most cliche scenes that the media has embedded into the minds of humans, I was not shocked by their revealment. Instead, I was confused. Why did I not care? Why was I not curious about my real parents? Why had I not felt anger or betrayed?

The answer came after a few more years of growing up with them. My parents were Catholics who believed in being fair and righteous- that love would prevail over anything. Honesty was a must, and hence why- even though I never asked- they always talked about my real parents and my lack of childhood memories.

Some were funny, and some were sad. Apparently I grew up in an environment with lack of love and care. Stealing coffee (which had no milk and just water that was not determined clean or not) and hiding underneath the table was my instincts of surviving. And that was from MY OWN family that I was under in. Whilst the children went to schools, I was on the streets playing with dogs who are infected with disease. It sounded horrible.

Of course I can remember bits of it, yet I feel so distant, as if it was just a dream all along. The conclusion was that ever since my parents adopted me, all I had was the best environment a child could grow in. A caring and loving parents who nurture their children from rights and wrongs. That was the reason why I was never curious or angry. It was because I felt satisfied.

I was a child born from misery, yet somehow adoption saved me from it.

So why am I telling you this?

Being interested in adoption as an adopted child myself, I had spent quite a bit of my time researching about it. And even though I may have not remembered by childhood and the harshness of the lack of love, it is because of the reason of the life my parents gave me.

I grew up with a nature of acceptance and fairness. I was living in an environment that resulted me in becoming a person who loved everyone no matter what. Yet, this is not the same case for everyone.

As I was reading about adoption and rights, it struck to me just how cruel the eyes of society judgement can be.

Why can’t lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT) have the same rights just as any other couples?

It infuriates me to see the ignorance of society and their narrow minds. Of course, it is just a small majority. But why keep it a small majority when we can have a better society as a whole if we do not have this kind of negativity at all?

When that 25% can disappear and that 75% can become 100%. And can you believe it? “gay couples should not be able to adopt children”. That 1%, the nerve of those people!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Cick here “Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?” To found out.

You ask why am I so emotional over this?

It’s unfair that’s why! Not only is it unfair to the LGBT but also to the children.

What do YOU think? How would YOU feel if you were a LGBT and wanted to adopt a child, knowing you can save them from misery, but society turns a blind eye on YOU?

Not nice is it?

When I was talking to my mum about this topic recently, she had understood my point of view.

But there was a particular thing that she said that struct to me.

She told me, “By looking down on them (LGBT), you are not only taking away their rights, but also the child’s rights of receiving a happy home.” I was so intrigued at what she said that I clung on to every word that came out of her mouth like it was the bible. She explained that children are better off with LGBT couple that can give an abundant supply of love and care than a couple- in terms of man and woman- who can’t.

Of course, by law it states that you can’t adopt unless you’re lifestyle is stable. (Click on law to see the Adoption Act Legislation). But that doesn’t mean that LGBT’s can’t fulfil the needs of the child.

In this video, Sunrise covers the issue of gay parenting by bringing in a gay couple with two children. I love how the couple are so positive towards the prejudice of the society against gay people being parents. You could see that even though they are the same sex, they’re a happy family and the children are growing in an environment that a child should be.

Prejudice of society? I think not with this couple! “Marriage doesn’t make you a good parent.” This just shows, that gay people are just as good as any other ‘normal’ couples out there- and by normal the man and woman image.

On top of this, as gay couples are a topic is quite sensitive in Australia, people would link gay marriage towards rights of a gay couple for adoption. This can be seen within the post made on twitter by SBS stating “Gay adoption to be set legal in every state” when some had commented even tagging #MarraigeEqualityAustralia:

Twitter: Gay adoption to be set legal in every state

(Click on “Gay adoption to be set legal in every state” and #MarraigeEqualityAustralia to visit page and join the trend and latest news on marriage equality and gay rights)

But as you could see, you don’t need a ‘man and woman’ to become a good parent. We are saving children from having a bad life and allowing them to grow in an environment that they truly deserve.

Twitter: SBS Gay adoption to be set legal in every state

After all, that’s what adopting is about. Giving the children a future, as well the joy of having a family.

And if gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples can give that, why not?

At the end, society’s prejudice against LGBT and adoption is just pure selfishness that becomes a barricade for the children and their future.

We each have our own stance, so what is yours?

Because I BELIEVE that our children are our future of society.