A man is trapped in a restaurant. How can he get out?

Our minds immediately jump to numerous possibilities such as using the door, jumping out of a window, even digging a tunnel with a spoon.

Despite all those good ideas, the intended answer was education. The man was actually a waiter at the restaurant and the moral of the story was that if he had an education, he would be able to work at a higher paid job and no longer be trapped in a cycle of waitering.

Ignoring the shouts of outraged riddlers and the blatant lack of…

Many philosophers throughout the ages believed art was an essential element in everyday life for a multitude of reasons from the emotions they invoke to the messages they convey without words. Art is broad and boundless. It encompasses dancing, architecture, literature, and can be found nearly everywhere, however we rarely stop to consider it.

Slipping into the modern times, when phones dominate our attention, it is difficult to break away from the fast-paced rendition of artistic images and truly focus and reflect on something. …

Esther Ye - Student

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