Columbine ‘Judgement Day’

As I wrapped up the final section of Columbine, I had learned so much new information about Columbine, learned the truth about many rumors as well as pieced together an extremely large puzzle that most people know nothing about.

The author organized the book sort of in three parts. The first part being what life was like before Columbine, the life of the boys, some of the key characters, and the overall town. The book then transitions into what everyone was thinking during and in the time period immediately following Columbine. (To me the most intense and interesting.) It then ends with what is like after Columbine. The survivor’s lives, the victim’s families, the town and the nation.

The fifth section was interesting and in some parts emotional. Different viewpoints and different things were brought up in this section, most of which really made the book so much better. The basement tapes were talked about in depth in this section. While they had been briefly introduced this chapter really gave a lot of information about them. It was kind of appalling to find out they wanted to be remembered enough they would make videos like this leading up to the attack. The one that really was weird was the very last video. The way they described how Dylan acted seemed like he was conflicted which surprised me since it was that late in the game. Eric however wasn’t shocking.

This section explains how Brian Roughbourh got all the information released and with out this book may not exist. That’s really weird to think about. The section talks about the memorial, the anniversaries the thoughts and feelings about these events. Something I found interesting, not really surprising was that the people were tired of this following them around. They didn’t want the anniversaries or to have to keep reliving the experience so they would count the times they had to keep doing those types of things.

Mr. D was brought up a lot in this chapter. There was a lot of talk about his struggles, his plans after Columbine, how he was handling everything. He basically fell apart. He was giving all of his energy to the kids of the school, he was constantly hearing about the event, he ended up getting divorced and it was really really sad to see how affected he was by this but its very understandable.

I am really glad I chose to read this book. I had heard about Columbine before but honestly I knew nothing about it besides was most people know. It was incredibly eye opening and very well researched and presented that I didn’t even really notice it was 450 pages. It was a good read.

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