Columbine ‘The Downward Spiral’

I just want to start off by saying that reading this book has been truly eye-opening. The authors attention to detail and determination to uncover the truth really gives you a good idea of what actually occurred at Columbine. You feel like you’re actually there because of the way he tells the stories about the people involved and affected. You feel like you’re in the minds of Eric and Dylan and in the minds of the detectives and investigative force in the novel simply because of the attention to detail and the way the author presents the information.

In this section you find out more about Dylan and the kind of pain he was in as well as saw some talk of suicide. Honestly none of this surprised me because when you hear about the type of people that do these kinds of things (shoot up schools and kill people) sometimes you also hear about something they were struggling with, whether it be home life or an internal struggle. You also get the sense that Dylan is a follower especially when you read about the “missions.” More about the boys crime life was uncovered, again not a surprise., and the story of Eric’s first pipe bomb was brought up.

You also hear more about the town’s religious ground. The rumor on Cassie Bernall was introduced in this section which will play a valuable role in the motive and also cause a lot of frenzy in the media. Dylan apparently had a pros and cons list about believing in god and thought god had a plan for him., which was interesting to me because you’d think that a boy like Dylan would have no faith.

The crosses were also brought up in this section. The controversy the two crosses for the killers created were unreal. I understand why the families of the victims were so upset and wanted them down, but the families of the two boys were grieving while also taking all the heat for what their sons had done. So I also understand why they were up there. The fact that it turned out to be just for money and fame though really shocked me and I could see why there was hate for the carpenter in many aspects.

To me the detective team seemed very lost and confused on the next step. That may just be because I was reading it and getting information as the novel progressed. Their line of questioning made sense and helped them get new information but they way they would talk to the media and present their information just didn’t make sense to me. The recount among the survivors all had their issues and the motives and some of the information they were presenting turned out to be off. Finally there was a “media blackout’ which was a good idea.

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