Beowulf and Beauty and the Beast. How are they related?

I feel like Beowulf relates to Beauty and the Beast. Why? Well, because Beauty and the Beast is about a big scary monster wolf who just wants to be loved. This wolf takes in a girl and makes her live with him. How come? Her father was held prisoner there because, he trespassed and had picked a rose for his daughter from the garden so, the wolf took it as stealing. The daughter showed up and told him to take her as prisoner and let her father go. He did and the father went and told the whole town about him and said that he is evil and mean. So, they go after the wolf and try to kill him. In this story all the wolf wanted was to be loved to break his curse of being a wolf.

The story Beowulf is about a monster who goes around killing people. He ends up killing people because, those people treat him badly and he has lived alone in a cave all his life.He shows up to the pub one day holding a dead body he found to show the humans that someone is going around killing people. They end up thinking Beowulf killed the human but he really didn’t. They go after him and try to hurt him and kill him. When in all reality all he wanted was a friend.

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