Sniff Sniff Sniff… “What a flavourful smell!”, you blurt out as soon as you open the door. A magnificent smell passes by, from the spicy smell of pasta to all kinds of fruity refreshers. When approaching your table, you see a waiter carrying a juicy hamburger with creamed spinach and french fries right next to it, and immediately drool.

You are desperate to eat. Desperate to get your stomach filled up, not with the usual, but with outlandish plates. Your mind is blank, so many excellent plates that you can’t just pick one. At first you are thinking about ordering different dishes and sharing them afterwards, but you just forget about this and order quickly since in that moment food is worth more than any man’s riches.

It’s been 10 minutes since you ordered, and you already have this thin Italian flatbread in the table, also known as a Piadina. What a delicious bread! What a delicious light centre with crunchy crust! The bread has some burnt edges, but, it gives la Trattoria’s Piadina a unique and succulent taste. You order another appetiser, but not as simple as this one; one much more toothsome and filled to the brim; a Burrata Salad. It’s the right moment to eat it since at that time you need something healthy in your life and this salad is exactly what you are craving for. The presentation of it is beautiful; baby arugula, grilled peaches, fresh prosciutto, verdant lettuce surrounding the appetising Burrata served with olive oil and fresh basil. When you cut its solid outer layer, it oozes this buttery cheese and beautiful cream, making it perfect to serve as an appetiser. The taste is milky and the creaminess of it is just extraordinary.

This is nothing compared to your main dish; a lovely Spaghetti al Frutti di Mare. This low fat dish wakes up your taste buds, it definitely satisfies you and gives you a spicy kick. The seafood is stemmed in saffron and wine matching perfectly with the tossed spaghetti topped up with parsley. But you notice that, salt is the missing ingredient in it. With a pinch of salt, it would definitely be five star dish.

This place is unlikely excellence and worth your visit; you will definitely be pleased with the food, but let’s not forget the ambiance! Many Italian photographs encircle the tables, giving the restaurant an ideal structure and balance between color and black and white. You are pleased with the soft and light hearted background music. Its classic sound establishes a sense of calm and relaxation.

You can say that you really savoured each bite of each plate, leaving you so stuffed that you couldn’t even try a dessert. You notice that small plate options are great for sharing. As you leave La Trattoria di Mambrino, it leaves you thinking… “why don’t I come that often!” This is an exceptional restaurant, something you want on your regular dining radar, for sure.

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