Columbine by Dave Cullen, Chapters 48–53

The first chapter of this section is titled “An Emotion of God.” Throughout this chapter several things are mentioned that possibly could’ve prevented the shooting if they were noticed. Eric was making napalm and building bombs inside of his house. How could this go unnoticed by his parents? This is a question that bothered me throughout this book. If his parents had noticed the bombs and the guns Columbine may have never happened. With the Diversion counselors praising Eric on his success his parents probably thought they had nothing to worry about. Dylan was released early from the Diversion program along with Eric, but it was obvious that Dylan didn’t care about his future. Eric was able to manipulate his Diversion counselor, his parents, and everyone else that he had really changed and was going to make something out of his life but Dylan wasn’t as successful. Dylan’s grades continued to drop and he continued on his downward spiral. Eric was the brain behind the operation his plan the entire time was to carry out a mass murder. Dylan was sceptical he couldn’t decide if he wanted to live, die, or join Eric and kill. Dylan ended up writing a short story about a man going on a shooting spree and killing a dozen people. The story was eerily similar to the events that took place on April 20, 1999, his creative writing teacher read the story and took action. The teacher spoke with Dylan, his parents, and Dylan’s school counselor about the story and none of them were concerned. At the time the story was written Eric and Dylan were building bombs and finalizing the details to attack their school. Perhaps if this teacher’s concerns were taken seriously the Columbine shooting could’ve been prevented.

After the shootings a lot of people were angry at the parents of the killers. People thought they the parents should’ve known what their children were planning. I really don’t think that any parent could think that their child would be capable of carrying out such horrific acts. Dylan’s parents, Tom and Sue Klebold held themselves accountable for not seeing how depressed Dylan was.

People who have read this book may think it glorrifies the killers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This book gives people an insight to what really happened at Columbine High School and what the real motive was. More importantly this book tell a story about how people survived and overcame a huge tragedy and were able to carry on with their lives. The survivors of Columbine didn’t let the events of April 20th define their lives, and I find that truly inspiring.

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