Columbine 195–236 Reflection

On their way to planning this large massacre, Eric and Dylan were both caught while up to mischief. So, one would think that since they were so sloppy in their planning, then it’d be easy to figure out their plans. But no, only Dylan and Eric knew the plan, which made it very difficult and frustrating for the cops and detectives when all their interviews looking for information regarding this massacre led to dead ends. Detective Fuselier even observed on page 203 , “Most had begun by hiding something, and it had been painfully obvious. They were awful actors. But once they spilled it, they just seemed relieved. They were calm, peaceful — all the signs of someone coming clean. Most of the suspects agreed to polygraphs. That usually meant they have nothing to hide.” These details known by the suspects being interviewed were quite small and unhelpful, causing a lot of frustration when trying to figure out Eric and Dylan’s whole plan.

Deception. That’s what I think of when I think of Eric . When in the program “Diversion”, Eric deceived his parents and the program administrators that he was regretful of his actions and would become a clean, model young adult. Page 218 even says, “Eric was seething as he scrawled out his answers, and he practically told them so on the form. The nerve of these lowlifes judging him.” He explained how he hated fools telling him what to do. Eric thought that the fact that they fell for his trick was especially amusing. Then he went on to say, “ He could turn over half his cards and still pull of the bluff.” Eric seems to go about his plan like it’s a game, like cards in the quote above. This to me, is horrible.

Lastly, the thing that jumped out at me the most was the whole martyr incident. Cassie Bernall had apparently professed her faith as she was shot in the head by Dylan. Val, on the other hand, had quietly told others that she professed her faith after being shot up her side by Dylan. Val was perceived as a liar and a copycat just looking for attention because the community thought she was trying to be like Cassie. When the police opened up the school, the kid who had told the story about Cassie pointed to the spot where Val had been hiding, not Cassie. So, it turns out Cassie didn’t really proclaim her faith in the face of death; she was just shot in the head. Val did profess her faith while looking down a shotgun.

This section was extremely interesting in that it showed how deceitful Eric was and how people looked at Val and Cassie. I am looking forward to reading ahead.

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