Columbine Reflection pages 99–195

This section of “Columbine” was just as horrifying if not more horrifying than the first section. I read about Dylan and Eric’s reasoning for killing people at Columbine, and to me, that is a true tragedy in itself.

At the beginning of this section, it is extremely chaotic. Children are crying, and parents are desperately searching for their children that may or may not even be alive. I can not imagine being a parent in this situation waiting to see if my kid is alive or dead.

One of the many things I found truly disturbing in this section was that the cops were not treating the bodies of the deceased properly; they just left the bodies in the location of their death. On page 103 the father of Danny Rohrbough, Brian, was quite angered that his son’s body wasn’t treated properly. Cullen writes , “Brian got in his car. He drove to Columbine. He stormed up to the perimeter and demanded his son’s body. The cops there said no”. He wrote “Brian’s son just wasn’t a priority. Brian couldn’t believe they were treating a victim’s body so cavalierly.”

The first journal found was Eric’s, who is described as the “leader” of the two killers. In the journal he states his reasons for killing these people and they all had one overarching theme, hatred. Eric claims “I hate ….. everybody” multiple times. Eric makes a hate list and a love list in his journal which is quite bizarre to me. This is because his hate list consists of things like country music and a certain T.V. channel. But, his love list also consisted of hate. For example, on page 184 Eric wrote that his greatest love is Natural Selection. He wrote “God damn it’s the best thing that ever happened to the earth. Getting rid of all the stupid and weak organisms.” It is safe to say that Eric’s motive for participating in the massacre at Columbine was one of pure hatred towards everyone and everything.

Dylan on the other hand was quite the opposite. He suffered from extreme depression. He wrote that he was contemplating suicide for two years. But the question was, how did being extremely suicidal lead to him turning homicidal? I think that the answer lies in anger. He became extremely angry when his best friend Zack got a girlfriend. On page 185 he even wrote “Ever since Devon (who I wouldn’t mind killing) has loved him — that’s the only place he’s been!” At this point, Dylan became lonely, which changed to more anger because he felt as if no one loved him. I am almost sure that this is what led Dylan to participate in this massacre.

This section of Columbine was truly terrible. Reading about the motives of the two killers really broke my heart. I was baffled at how one can hold so much hate towards others.

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